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Burning Errors

Burn errors are usually accompanied by an error dialog box with information similar to this…

"Device Error 1022: Invalid command field
Error occurred writing data to disc
Error Sense Data: SENSE KEY: 5 ASC: 24 ASCQ: 0"

Errors during disc burning have many different causes. Given the virtually unlimited combinations of drives, drive firmware, installed software, operating system versions and service packs, physical system configurations etc, resolving the issue can often times be difficult. This FAQ will provide steps that can be taken to hopefully resolve burning issues. If the issue is not resolved, then there are several troubleshooting steps you can work through to help us define and hopefully resolve the issue.

There are three basic burning error types that can occur. Errors at the very beginning of the burn process, errors during the burn process and errors occurring at the end (during the disk close process). The latter (errors occurring during disk closing) are usually due to incompatibilities between our software drivers and the drive itself and often times don’t mean that the newly burned disc is bad. If you get closing errors, you can go to the verify page of our program, insert the newly burned disc and attempt to verify it there.

Problem Resolution Steps….

PR1-Ensure that you are running the latest version of our software. Currently this is version 2.03. You can download it here...

Version 2.03 (

PR2-Ensure that the firmware on your drive is up to date. Typically, if you go to the manufacturers web site and search for the drive model in the downloads section of the web site you will find firmware files and installation instructions. Many users have found that bringing the firmware up to date corrects burn problems.

PR3- ASPI Layer There exists two software interfaces between our drivers and the drives themselves. The default interface and the ASPI interface. Many users have reported that using the ASPI layer interface resolves their problems. For a basic discussion of ASPI and instruction go here….

NOTE: For Windows XP users, there are special instructions on that page that need to be followed.

PR4-Try different media. Not all media is the same. Even if other burning programs work with your media, Archive Creator writes large amounts of very small files which can uncover problems in drive performance and media quality that other programs do not.

PR5- Enable Cache For CD media, ensure that the Cache option is set on the burn page of the application. This will take slightly longer to complete the burn process but will provide the most reliable burn.

PR6-Increase the media wait time. Often times, drives indicate that they have completed a process before they are truly ready for more commands. There is an option on the preferences page called “Media Wait Time” that causes our application to wait (x seconds) after the drive indicates it has completed its task. You can set this to 30 and try the burn again. This will often help burning problems that occur at the start of the burn process.

PR7- Disable other applications Often times other software applications can interfere with the burning process. Be sure to exit all other applications (especially other burning packages).

If the above steps to not resolve your problems, the following trouble shooting steps should be taken and the results reported to us either through the support forums or via email to

Trouble Shooting Steps.

TS1-Try different media types. If you burner supports multi format DVD burning and you are having trouble burning +r media, try -r and see if the problem persists.

TS2-Try -RW media. While this is not a good solution since -RW is not a considered an archival medium; it can help in diagnosing the problem. If you still have the problem with -RW media, then you can try various tests without wasting write once discs.

TS3-Turn off the html index. As mentioned above, the nature of html data is such that it contains many small files that get written to the discs. This can uncover drive/media problems that other software burning applications will not experience. As a test, you can turn off the html index so you are only writing data files. You can turn off the html index generation by un-checking the “Include Index On “ option on the main page of the application. This would only affect users with burn problems during the burn process.

TS4-Burn size reduction Often times, drives and media performance degrades as you get to the capacity of the media. You can try to create a smaller data set by selecting a “Custom CD” or “Custom DVD” project on the main page of the application, then setting the size of the media to something smaller (like 600 meg for a CD or 3.5 gig for a DVD). This would only affect users with burn problems during the burn process, usually toward the end but before the disk closing phase.

TS-5 Diagnostic Burner Build into Archive Creator is a simple diagnostic application that can be run to perform a basic compatibility test of you drive. It queries your drive for various status information and attempts to perform a simple quick disc burn. Follow these steps to run the diagnostic…

Please do the following...

1-Insert blank media in the drive and Launch AC
2-Bring Up the about box (Help->about)
3- Double click the Archive Creator Logo Image. You should get a dialog box and after hitting OK the About Dialog will go away.
4-Go to the Options->Diagnostic Menu...this will bring up a diagnostic window
5-Select your drive in the combo box at the top, be sure you have blank media in the drive.
6- press the "Get Disc/Drive Info" button.
7- You should see a bunch of info appear in the dialog box.
8 - After this, press the “Write Data to Disk” button.
9- This will either work without error, or fail the same way as the main application fails.
10-The dialog box will have lots of status information relating to the drives and the burn process. Use the “Copy Results to Clipboard” button to copy the results and paste them it into a forum post or email it to

TS6-Burn Log If all else fails, it is possible that there is an incompatibility between our burner drivers and your hardware/system. In order to evaluate this and proceed with a fix, we need some additional information. We have a logger for situations like this that writes status information during the burn process to a text file. The logger is turned off during normal operations for performance reasons. You will need to turn the logging function on, burn a disk (which fails of course) then find the log file that was generated and email to Please do the following...

1-Lauch AC and bring up the about box (Help menu / About)
2-Double click the Archive Creator Logo Image. You should get a dialog box and after hitting OK the About Dialog will go away.
3-Go to the Options Menu and select “Run Burn Logger” this will turn on the logger function.
4-Now burn your disk again and after you get the error, go to your Archive Creator Folder (Usually c:\Program Files\ArchiveCreator and you should see a file call CDBurnLog.txt. Please Email this file.

We will evaluate this data and proceed from there.

TS7-Program Log In cases where the applicaion may crash or do some unexpected operations, we may need to get a program log dump from you. Within the application, there are many diagnosic messages which get generated during normal operation. These diagnostic messages can be logged via a special program logger. The contents of the log can then be mail to us at Please do the following...

1-Lauch AC and bring up the about box (Help menu / About)
2-Double click the Archive Creator Logo Image. You should get a dialog box and after hitting OK the About Dialog will go away.
3-Go to the Options Menu and select “Run Program Logger” this will turn on the logger function.
4-Reproduce the error condition and after the error occurs, DO NOT exit the application...
5- click on the logger icon (small red plus sign) in the system tray (by the time in the lower right corner of your screen)
6-A small dialog box should appear with a bunch of diagnostic messages. Please select the menu ... File->Save to File ... this will allow you to save the diagnostic information to a text file of your choosing.
7-Email this file to the above email address.

We will evaluate this data and proceed from there.

Failure to boot the application or Long Boot Times.

Very slow boot or hanging during boot.

1-make sure you have the latest software (see PR1 above)
2-Go to your install folder (c:\Program Files\ArchiveCreator) and delete all files with a .xml extension. Then try to boot again.

Other boot issues

Based on different versions of Windows, there might be some required system files that are not installed, or sometimes the AC installer is unable to register certain files during installation. The following are error messages that in some cases (small percentage) occur the first time that you try to run Archive Creator.

429 ActiveX component can't create object

In some systems the installer is unable to register some ActiveX controls (files that AC need to use in its operation). This can be corrected by manually registering the file in the following manner.

Please copy the following lines (one by one) into the Start | Run dialog box and hit enter (this is in the Start Menu..bottom left of Window screen)

regsvr32 "C:\Program Files\ArchiveCreator\PFArchiveEngine.ocx"

regsvr32 "C:\Program Files\ArchiveCreator\FSConfigFile.ocx"

regsvr32 "C:\Program Files\ArchiveCreator\scrrun.dll"

This will register these ActiveX controls with Windows and the error message should not appear any more.

Note: if AC was installed in a folder other than the default folder than the above lines whould be modified to reflect the folder where AC is installed.

Runtime Error: MSVBVM60.DLL missing

...or error may say thngs like this..
"Cannot find import;DLL may be missing, corrupt or wrong version File"MSVBVM60.DLL" error 1157. "

Archive Creator requires the latest version of the MS-VB Runtime files.

Download Service Pack 5, from Microsoft, and run it to install those files in your system.;EN-US;q290887

To aid in troubleshooting problems that might occur while running Archive Creator, there are 2 logging systems built into the program. One tracks the basic operation of the program and the other tracks the messages returned while actually burning a disc. Both systems are normally turned off.

In some cases our support team may ask you to engage one of these loggers to generate a log file to send to us to help in diagnosing a problem. In order to turn them on please do the following steps.

1 - Run AC and select the About Box from the Help menu.
2 - Double-click on the logo.
3 - A message box will tell you that new menu entries have been added to the Options menu.
4 - Click OK.
5 - Go to the Options menu and select the entry that you have been asked to turn on.

In the case of Run Program Logger, click on the logger icon in the system tray and save the file when the logger window opens. You can access this logger icon in the system tray either while AC is running, or after AC has exited inproperly (the case in an error that we might be tracking).

In the case of Run Burn Logger a log file will be saved in the AC folder. The normal path of the file is:
C:\Program Files\ArchiveCreator\CDBurnLog.txt

Note: In versions of AC prior to V2.0 the logger menu items were named as follows:
Run Program Logger was Run Debug Logger
Run Burn Logger was Log burn Status

If you are having a problem in burning a disc or if you are getting an error message about an RW disc not being able to be erased, it could be a timing issue.

The Media Wait Time (which can be set in the Preferences in the Options menu) can be adjusted so that the timing is changed to meet the requirtements of some specific drives.

If you are having a problem burning a disc, set the Media Wait Time higher, to maybe 30 seconds (just as a test). If this corrects the problem, then you can reduce the time until you find a confortable setting. If it does not fix the problem try it once at 60 seconds (this will add 1 minute to several points in the burn process), again just as a final test.

This should also be tried using the ASPI option if it does not correct the problem by setting the time alone.

If the Media Wait Time has no effect on the process, then keep it set to 30 seconds until the problem is resolved so that the timing is known not to be an issue.