3 Simple Steps - Archive
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1 - Select the archive target. The target can be a folder on a mounted hard drive, CD, DVD or ISO-9660 image. For each archive target, there are a set of options you may select. For CD or DVD burning, Select the CD Burner and options from the drop down list. Set the burn speed and turn on Burn-Proof if it is available. For folder archive, you will need to select the folder to archive into. For ISO-9660 file archives you will need to select the folder to create the ISO images in.  
2 - Load a Blank media if appropriate, and press the Archive button. You will be prompted to load new media as necessary.  
3 - You can change the Verify Level at any point and the selected verify level will be used at the time that each archive is verified. So you can verify the first archive and not the rest (for example). You can also verify the archives after the burn using the Verify Page.  
That's it.  
4 - If you want to make another set of the same Archive, when the first set is complete, just check the check boxes next to each CD and hit the Archive button again, or to just burn a specific disk, just have that disk checked. You can also come back at a later time and burn this Archive set again. You can even Burn some of it now and some of it later. As long as you do not process, the existing Archive Set will remain for you to burn additional disks. When you return to AC, just run the program and immediately go to the Burn Page, bypassing the Process Page. The existing Archive set will be there just as if you had just processed it.  
5 - On each resultant archive (folder, CD, DVD etc) will be the entire HTML index (if selected ) for the entire Archive Set. Just double-Click on the index.html file in the root of the media from Windows, or click the View HTML button from within AC to View the Index. If viewed from within AC you will actually viewing the Index in the TempIndex Folder on the hard disc, not one that was burned to a CD. it is the same Index however.  
6 - The source files are stored in the root of the archive media or in sub folders that mirror the folder structure on the source disc. You can access them directly through Windows Explorer, or using the View/Copy button in the HTML index.  
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