HTML Templates and Styles
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On the Archive Settings tab of the Setup page there are setting for selection of HTML Index Template and Style...  
HTML Index Templates are basically specifications that tell the HTML generation functions how to build the Index and how it should behave. Some templates allow customizable styles to be applied to them. These styles can drastically effect the look of the HTML index.  
There are currently two Templates defined.  
Classic Template - The classic template is basically the same template that Version 1 and 2 used. The main advantage of this template is that it uses very basic HTML only, No Java, No Style Sheets etc. This allows the template to be extremely compatible with almost any browser of any vintage out there. If maximum compatibility is you goal, the Classic Template is for you. (The only difference between the classic template in Version 3 is that it now supports the Number of Rows Options for multi page thumbnail support. None of the Index Construction options apply to the Classic Template)  
         The Classic Template  
Default Template- The Default template has all the features of the classic template plus better navigation, customizable construction, user defined links, and multiple styles. When the default template is selected, the Styles Combo box will be filled with a number of styles that can be applied to the template. The styles effect how the index looks, but the behavior is identical.  
The following are the Styles available for the default template.....  
         Soft Style with four color variations  
         Angled Style with five color variations  
         Boxes Style with four color variations  
         Greys Style  
         Love Style  
      Classic Style (Same look as the Classic Template but with all the new capabilities of the default template)