Drive Compatibility
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AC is compatible with most recent CD/DVD drives. The following is a list of old drives that are NOT supported. Please try the evaluation version of Archive Creator to ensure that your CD drive is supported.  
Unsupported Drives  
These drives have proprietary command sets and are not currently supported. They also are typically very old and are very limited in capabilities compared to today's newer drives. We recommend replacing these drives, as they do not always work well with the new Windows operating systems. Don't worry, the list is short. Also keep in mind that these drives have not been in production for some time, and many are duplicate OEM drives - e.g. Some legacy Smart & Friendly drives (below) are OEM versions of the legacy Sony drives (below).            
·AOpen - CRW620  
·HP -  4020  6020  
·IMS -  522 CDD2000  
·JVC -  R2626 XR-W2010  
·Kodak - PCD-225  
·Matshita - CW-7586  
·Panasonic - 7502  
·Phillips - CDD2000 CDD2600 CDD522 OMNIWRITER26  
·Ricoh - MP6200 MP6201  
·Smart & Friendly -  CD-R2006PLUS CD-R4012 CD-RW226  
·Sony -  CDU920W CDU924 CDU948  
·Teac - CD-R50 CD-R55  
·Traxdata- CDR4120  
·Yamaha - CDR100 CDR102  
·Wearnes -  4424     
Drives Without Burn-Proof Type Technology  
CD Drives that do not support the "Link" or "Burn-Proof" type technologies, are not recommended for use with Archive Creator. They can be used, but the chance or Under-Run errors are always present. If you attempt to use a drive like this be sure to read Preventing Under-Run Errors.  
Firmware Updates  
Always ensure that the CD or DVD drive that you are using has the latest firmware installed. This is especially true with new DVD drives.