3 Simple Steps - Process
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1 - Hitting the Process button will bring you to the Process Page. If the "Auto-Process" option is set in the preferences, the processing will automatically begin, if not, hit the Begin Processing button.  
If you have selected Manual Selection of Lowest Common Folder, you will see a dialog that allows you to select a specific path within the common folder path on a drive by drive basis. If you have selected automatic Lowest Common Folder selection, or have it turned off you will not see this dialog box.  
2 - Processing will begin and will go through several passes. Depending on your PC speed, the FSL size and your choice of HTML index parameters, this could take anywhere from a minute or 2 to an hour. The majority of the time is required to generate the index thumbnails and viewing images. Feedback is presented in the Progress Light display on the right hand side of the Page so you will know what stage the processing is in. The processing is complete when the Status bar says "competed" and the Progress Lights are all dark.  
A this time you can review the HTML index via the View HTML Index button, if you have created an Index for this Archive Set.  
3 - During the processing you can examine the Layout Tree to confirm what will be burned to each CD (or DVD).  
Note: You can click on any filename to preview an image (although during image processing it will be over written by the images being processed).  
4 - If you want to make changes, you can go back to the Setup page and do the processing again, and any of the images that were generated from the last process phase will be reused if they can be. This allows you to make changes to the Archive Set (add or delete files, or change the name, for example) and not have to re-do the entire process phase again. The Index still needs to be re-built but this takes much less time than generating the images. Of course if you make a change to any of the image specs (size or no drop shadow, for example) then those images that you have changed the specs for will have to be reprocessed.  
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