What is written onto the CDs or DVDs? - The Media Layout
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This is what an Archive Creator CD looks like when viewed in windows Explorer.

The files and folders that are burned onto each of the CDs in the Archive Set are as follows:  
·Read_Me.html - A file that explains the contents of the CD. (This paragraph is in the read_me file, in addition to some other information).  
·Index.html - (optional) - If this file is present, then an Index has been included on each CD that will serve as a guide to the archived files that are in the source folders. By double clicking on this file, within Windows Explorer, the Index will be opened in the default Web browser that is installed on the computer. You can navigate within the index to see filenames and/or thumbnails that represent the files that are stored within the source folders.  
·autorun.inf - This file is used by Windows to automatically launch the Index when the CD is inserted into computers that have this "AutoPlay" feature turned on.  
·ACSys - This folder contains the images and other files used to display the Index, as well as other Archive Creator system files.  
·Source folders or files-depending on the selected files, the folders and files in the archive set will appear at the root of the disc. Any files in the Least Common folder will appear at the root of the CD, all other folder will retain their relative path from the root.