What Is Archive Creator?
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Archive Creator (AC) is a Windows based program that is designed to simplify the task of archiving groups of files to CD and DVD Recordable media as well as ISO 9660 images and other mounted media (such as a removable drive). Its design is such that when such a group of files (the Archive Set) is too big to fit onto 1 disc (CD or DVD) it will automatically span the Archive Set across multiple discs thereby maximizing the disk storage potential of the media, while minimizing the time required to organize the files in an efficient manner. While its design is generic in nature, the primary target market for AC is the digital photography market based on the fact that the serious digital photographer generates large amounts of large image files of large size. The ability to easily archive their "digital negatives" and processed work is critical.  
In addition, during the archive process, Archive Creator is able to make an HTML "Web Style" Index of the image files within the Archive Set. This Index of the entire Archive Set is written onto each of the discs in the Archive Set. This is extremely powerful as you can then view the thumbnails and viewing images from the entire Archive Set from any one of the CDs or DVDs. This means that later if you are looking for an image, you can insert any of the discs from the Archive Set and find the image that you are looking for without having to shuffle through multiple discs, until the time you actually find the desired photo file and wish to copy it to your HD or open it in an application (and then only if it is not on the CD/DVD that you are viewing).  
Alternately you can choose other options for the HTML Index to be written on just the first or last disc, with or without data.  
*** html index can be used independently  
This HTML Index also does not require any special software to be on the computer except for Internet Explorer (and we are also compatible with most versions of Netscape, Opera, Mozilla, etc., with some exceptions). We use no Java or JS coding, just pure HTML, so that no special software is required on the viewing computer. And the Index is even created from most RAW file types, as well (Nikon NEFS, Canon CRW and 1D/1DS TIFs, and many others as well). Jump to: Supported File Types  
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Note: Archive Creator Version 2.0 and beyond is compatible with CD-R/RW, DVD-R/RW, and DVD+R/RW. To make this discussion simpler, we will sometimes discuss the target media as being CD, and the examples used will be from the photographic perspective. But 2 things should be understood …  
1 – In almost every place where "CD" is mentioned, "DVD" can be assumed as well.  
2 – AC can archive any type of file, and it is not limited to photographic usage either from a technical or application basis. ALL files except certain system files may be archived using AC.  
Having said this, we will proceed using the photography examples and the burning of CDs in our discussion.