We have put together some Cool Stuff for you to get the most out of your amazing Canon 1D MKII.

The Canon 1D MKII is a breakthrough camera. You know that. That is why you bought it. Great body, ultra-fast, high resolution, pretty close to perfect in my book.

Like any camera or creative tool there are little things that can be added to enhance the "tool" aspect of such a product. After all, the 1D MKII like any camera is a creative tool that you want to get the most out of. I have been shooting with the 1D MKII since it became available, and I have found some Cool Stuff that makes it work better for me. I thought that I would put a kit together so that you can get some great pricing on some accessories that maybe you have not thought of. And we have made the kit modular so that you can add some additional items when you buy the kit at very attractive pricing. Kind of a win/win. We only have to handle one order so we can pass along a lot of savings to you. So let me tell you about what I have picked out that make my life with the MKII even better.

To put it simply, I would not go on a job without all of this Cool Stuff.
Michael Tapes June 21, 2023

Here are the contents of the 1D MKII Cool Stuff Kit

  • Optech Pro Loop Strap™ - You need this for the MKII. Here is the blurb from Optech. It is all true. "The patented weight reduction system makes the PRO STRAP™ absolutely essential for prolonged use of a heavy camera or portable power pack. Equipment instantly feels 50% lighter and 100% more comfortable when using a PRO STRAP™ . The weight is evenly dispersed while the strap functions as a shock absorber to eliminate neck and shoulder fatigue. The Non Slip Grip™ adds the finishing touch which enables camera gear to be safely carried slung over the shoulder. You’ll definitely feel the difference! " Black only.
  • Delkin eFilm™ Pro 512MB SD Card - The 1DMKII accepts both CF and SD memory cards. I keep a 512 Delkin Pro in my MKII at all times. It is never my primary card except for emergencies. If I run out of CF space, I can switch to the SD. Or if I do not have time to swap out CF cards, I switch the camera to the SD. So I hardly ever use it, but I would not shoot a job without it. A must have.
  • Delkin 32MB SD Card - The 1DMKII can store all of its settings onto an SD card. Why not use a CF card? Two reasons. 1...you may delete the settings on a CF card that is also used for primary storage. 2...the SD card is so small that you can keep it with you at all times in your wallet, so if you are ever handed a 1DMKII, you can set ALL of the options and CF functions instantly. Or if you want to loan your camera to someone (right!), you can restore it when you get it back. Or if you have a job where you had to mess with your settings, you can restore your default setttings. A must have for a great Canon feature.
  • Delkin USB 2.0 SD Reader - To read the SD cards. A very fast reader as all the Delkin readers are.
  • WhiBal™ Pocklet - No 1DMkII is complete without it. In fact no digital camera is complete without a WhiBal™!
  • FlashPack™ CF holders - It is the best one out there. Holds 4 CF cards firmly on your belt or in your bag. You get 2 in the kit. One worn on the left for blank cards, and one worn on the right for shot cards. Or pick your own method.
  • Etcetera Generic 1DMKII Camera profile for C1 - Must have alternate profile for C1 RAW conversion. Whether you like it better than the P1 profile, or just use it as an alternate, this is a must have. Like having a different film to shoot, but you get to decide after you eveluate the capture!
  • Free DVD Journal from Luminous-Landscape - Just a gift. You get the current issue. If you already subscribe, give it to a friend.
  • 20% off of Epson and Lexjet Paper - Another gift. Just mention the special code that comes with your order and get 20% off of your next paper order from our friends at LexJet.
  • More deals are being negotiated for Cool Stuff Kit buyers. No promises, but I am working in them and all will be retro-active to all buyers. Check back here.
  • Add-ons - Check out other Cool Stuff essentials below that I just did not want to include in the kit because you may already have the items. They must be purchased at the same time as the Cool Stuff Kit, in the same shipping cart. Look at those prices! All pricing is subject to change, so act fast.

US: s/h $7.50

INT: s/h $15.00

1D MKII Cool Stuff Kit (CSK)- $349 USD

Shipping generally same day via US Postal Service.

Cool Stuff Add ons...

Pricing only valid if in the same shopping cart as the Cool Stuff Kit

If you do not wish to use PayPal, email order to CSK@RawWF.com
(include name/address/phone..csk + addons + other site products. No CC# needed)

Whibal™ Studio in addition to Pocket Add the larger size Studio version of the WhiBal to the CSK.
WhiBal™ Pocket additional There are never too many WhiBals. They make great gifts as well!
Delkin CardBus 32 CF Adapter


Transfer from CF card to your laptop CardBus PC slot at 4-6X the speed of normal adapters. This is the only fat one we know of.
Delkin eFilm Pro 1Gig CF Card

$225 (-$40 Delkin Rebate = $185)

A gret price plus a $40 rebate directly from Delkin. Effective price after rebate is $185.
US +$5 s/h
Int +$10 s/h
Delkin PicturePad 20Gig


I never go on a shoot without my PicturePad. it is not always used, but when I need it it is always there and reliable to clear off my CF cards safely and easily.
US +$5 s/h
Int +$10 s/h
Delkin PicturePad 40Gig


Same with more storage. The more storage the longer you can leave the image files on the dirve to provide an extra level of archive to all your drives.
US +$5 s/h
Int +$10 s/h
Delkin PicturePad 60Gig


More is better.
Gretag MacBeth Reference Card Set


Includes all the following Color Checker Cards:
Normal CC
Mini CC
Grayscale CC
White Balance CC
US Only
EYE-ONE Display


Perfect CRT/LCD Monitor calibration at an ungeard of price
US Only
EYE-ONE Display PM


I1 Display with Profilemaker Monitor software in place of i1 Match software. More adjustments are possible.
US Only
EYE-ONE Photo with Storage Case


Complete with the i1 Pro Spectrophotometer, this Pro system allows the profiling of your CRT/LCD monitors, and RGB printers (injet printers without RIP)
US Only
ProfileMaker5 Photo Studio
(Software Only)
Professional Profiling software for Monitors, Cameras, and output devices. Includes ColorChecker SG. Does not include Spectrophotometer.
US Only
ProfileMaker5 Photo Studio Bundle
(with Spectrophotometer)


As above with EYE-ONE Pro Spectrophotometer.

Note: Pricing subject to change. Not erepsonsible for typagraphical errors.

Shooting the 1D MKII with my Cool Stuff
(WWII Memorial Dedication Ceremony, May 29,2023)

Optech Pro Loop Strap to lighten the load
Delkin 512MB Pro SD for permanant emergency memory
Delkin 32MB SD for storing 1DMKII settings
Delkin USB 2.0 SD Reader-29
FlashPack Closed
FlashPack Open
ETC 1DMkII generic ICC camera profile
20% off your next paper order
Free copy of current DVD Journal
WhiBal™ Pocket version
WhiBal™ Studio version