How It Works

1. A series of 5 to 10 photographs is submitted for review with a photographer's statement about the photos and what he or she hopes to gain through the review. Our staff selects a series based on its potential as a learning tool.

2. One or more photographs from the series are selected for review by Ben Lifson, from our staff. The selection is made based on its potential for for helping the photographer and our readers better understand the art of making good pictures.

3. Ben will write his review and submit it to the photographer, who will write their own comments and or questions.

4. Ben will then respond to the Photographer's comments and questions.

5. In some cases we may have 2 reviewers in a specific session which will provide for additional Visual Counterpoint.

6 . In some case we may have our readers provide their own reviews to which Ben and the photographer can comment.

7. We look for you, our reader to submit ideas to make this as valuable a series as possible.

8 . All Visual Counterpoint sessions will be available on line within our archive.