The Road Test Edition of Visual Counterpoint

When I conceived Visual Counterpoint about 1 year ago, I knew that I wanted Ben Lifson to be our staff reviewer. After many long months of his and my schedules and work loads never being in sync, finally we are here. I am very pleased to present Visual Counterpoint as a learning tool for all photogrpahers, both experienced and novice. I have studied with Ben in the past and plan to resume my private study in the next month or so. I am so pleased that is has joined the staff of and will be treating our readers with his vast insights into the world of photography and art. I know that I will be a regular reader looking forward to each month's Visual Counterpoint and Making Pictures columns.

We had originally planned to have Ben along with a guest reviewer, but we did some experiments and the logistics were just not right, as we did not want to make a public statement until we were ready to show an example of what we had in mind.

So for this first Road Test edition, we have elected to use some of my pictures as the submission for the initial edition of Visual Counterpoint. I selected the pictures as representative of what i wanted Ben to review, and he had never seen these pictures previous to this Visual Counterpoint session. So while Ben knows my work and me, he has approached this as if he did not know my work. A cheat, yes, but I also wanted to experience first hand what our future photographers will experience when their work is reviewed, so that I can relate from that perspective. In the future, Ben and our guest reviewers will not know the photographer, his or her work, or anything about them. Their pictures will provide all .

There is no requirement for any specific types of pictures or type of equipment. We do not care if the capture was by film or digital, or processed in Photoshop or C1. We just want to talk about making better pictures.

We look forward to your comments at out new Visual Counterpoint forum.

Michael Tapes - May 24, 2023