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Comparison Chart of LE PRO Capture One Raw Workflow Software

Capture One Pro RAW Workflow Software

RAW File Support:
: Canon 1Ds/1D/10D/300D/D60/D30 - Nikon D1x/D100
Mac(OS X): Canon 1Ds/1D/10D/300D/D60/D30
Version: 3.5.2 ($450 until Dec 31)
Free Upgrade to V3.6 (Dec) and both 2005 updates (spring anf fall)

Capture One Pro sets the new standard as the most integrated RAW conversion software available. Not just a RAW converter, Capture One Pro represents an entire workflow centered around the use of RAW Digital SLR image files in a professional or advanced environment.

Capture One LE RAW Workflow Software

Windows™ 2K/XP Only
RAW File Support: Canon 10D/300D/D60/D30 - Nikon D100
Version: 3.5.2 ($99 - Windows Only)
Free Upgrade to V3.6 (Dec) and Spring 2005 release

Capture One LE (Limited Edition) has the identical high quality RAW conversion engine as the Pro version, as well as the same real-time feedback that allows a virtually instant preview display of all conversion settings including White Balance, Exposure Compensation, Contrast, Sharpening, Saturation, etc.