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We designed the WhiBal™ White Balance Reference Card to be the best Gray Card for White balance available. WhiBal™ technology is now Patent Pending and all WhiBals™ are made in USA. What makes it so different?

Without (top) and with (bottom) WhiBal White Balance correction in RawShooter
Having a "GrayCard" reference is the best assurance that the digital pictures that you capture will have the ability to be properly White Balanced. Only with a proper White Balance can you be ensured of proper and accurate color, regardless of lighting conditions. Unlike your eyes, a digital camera does not automatically see whites as white. It sees the color of the light reflected from it, hence blue-ish in Daylight and Orange-ish in incandescent lighting. By photographing a Gray Card reference for each lighting situation that you are in, you are assured of being able to achieve a proper White Balance for all of your pictures.The Gray Card reference picture can be used with today's software to balance the color casts that various lighting conditions produce with all digital cameras. The best method to properly White Balance your digital pictures is by using a Gray Card properly and shooting RAW. RAW Conversion Software such as Adobe Camera Raw and RawShooter can then perfectly adjust all the captures that were shot under the same lighting conditions. And the beauty of the WhiBal™ is that it is small enough to fit in your pocket or around your neck, so that it will be used on a regular basis, as above. Remember that the most accurate Gray Card is useless if it sits in your camera bag.

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What are the criteria for selecting a good Gray card?

  • It must be spectrally neutral. In other words it must be Gray! Not close, but actual Gray. This means that they reflect all colors through the spectrum equally.
    The Gray Cards within the WhiBal™ system have both *a and *b Lab channel values of less than 1 at D50 and are spectrally "flat". The WhiBal RAW Gray Card is spec'd at less than +/- 0.5! And each card is individually measured to certify this spec.
  • It must maintain its spectral neutrality under all reasonable temperature and environmental conditions.
    WhiBal™ does.
  • It must be physically rugged. Waterproof, scratch proof (color goes all the way through, not just a coating on top). 
    WhiBal™ is.
  • It must not respond to UV light any differently than the visible spectrum.
    Whibal™ does not.
  • The Gray Luminance value must be in a range that is good for digital cameras.
    WhiBal™ rules!
  • Beyond technical specification, the most important aspect of a Gray Card is that you use it. WhiBal™ Pocket is the size of a US business card (2x3.5 inches) so that it fits in your shirt pocket or hangs around your neck with the included Lanyard.
    WhiBal will be used and not be an accessory that lives in your camera bag.

Very simply, WhiBal™ combines all the best features of all available Gray cards and meets or exceeds their technical performance in a unique package that can be used conveniently in all your shooting situations. In addition, WhiBal™ provides convenient neutral White and Black reference areas for setting dynamic range in your digital capture using the Black and White Eyedroppers available within RAWShooter and other RAW conversion software, Photoshop™ and most other editing software.

Make Better Pictures From Your Pixels™ with WhiBal™.

Feature Summary:

It fits in your shirt pocket. (same size as an American business card ...2x3.5 inches) you will actually use it rather than have it in your bag!
It is basically indestructible, waterproof, etc.
Both Pocket and Studio versions come with convenient stand for ease of setup on tables or flat surfaces. No need for someone to hold the WhiBal.
All 3 reference "shades" are essentially equal to or better than all tested "reference cards" for neutrality and spectral flatness.
The Gray card is designed for low reflectivity, except the sticker is intentionally highly reflective so that maximum TrueBlack™ Blackpoint level may be achieved.
Larger 3.5x6 inch Studio size, and 8.5x11 Reference sizes are also available
Can be used to set white balance reference, Black point and White point.
Fits shirt pocket or can hang on studio hook or lanyard
(supplied with Pocket version only).
WhiBal™ is a product of PictureFlow LLC and available exclusively from

To the right you can see the spectral graphs* of each of the WhiBal™ cards, as well as the absolute Lab values. WhiBal™ meets or exceeds the specifications almost all WB references that exist. And none of them have the convenience, durability and combination of features of the WhiBal™, the new standard in White Balance Reference for digital cameras. The flatness of the graphs indicate that each WhiBal™ card is completely neutral regardless of the color of the light source. And the lab values of the 2 gray cards are <1 in both the *a and *b lab channels, assuring the total neutrality required for proper setting of White Balance.

*Measurements Taken with Gretag Macbeth SpectroEye Spectrophotometer

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WhiBal G6 Pocket Version Shown

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Whibal™ White Balance Reference
PDF User Guide

New WhiBal G6 Pocket Kit

RAW White Balance Adjustment Using WhiBal Reference shot below. (yes the dining room wall was a weird lite green color!)

Same WhiBal Calibrated Reference shot was applied to all pictures in the shoot with 1 click.

WhiBal Reference shot before and after White Balance Tool Click. This shot used for both photos above

The WhiBal G6 is now available in 3 sizes:
Pocket (2x3.5in)
Studio (3.5x6in)
Reference (8.5x11in)

JPEG shooter can use the new Free WhiBal White Balance Plug-in to correct both White Balance and Exposure on their JPEG captures. Works with all WhiBals that feature TrueBlack™ technology.

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