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Archive Creator Version 3.0.1
To Download Click Here (16+ MB)

This version can be run in demo mode, as a new purchase (please enter new registration key), or as a free upgrade to any registered version (no need to re-enter registration key)

Support files for Canon and Kodak RAW are below.

The Archive Creator Installer above is a standard style Windows Installer. Please download and double-click on the installer icon. All files will be installed into 1 main folder. No files will be scattered throughout your system.

When you first run Archive Creator a "reminder" dialog box will appear that allows you to run in demo (evaluation) mode, by clicking the OK button. The demo version is identical to the registered version, it will have full functionality for 15 days, after that time, all functions (image processing, file layout, html index generation etc,  will continue to opreate however the actual archive operation will be disabled.. You must run the demo version to ensure hardware compatibility with your system. No refunds will be issued, so please run the demo version and burn one or more disks before purchasing a registration key.

If after running the demo version, you find that Archive Creator is compatible with your CD and/or DVD burner and system, and you find that the software serves your needs, you can purchase a registration key from our Purchase Page.

After purchase, you will receive a registration key via email. This should be entered into Archive Creator by clicking on Enter Key button when the reminder dialog box appears. From then on the dialog will no longer appear and the software will become fully functional.

Canon RAW support files (only needed if you use Canon RAW files)
Click Here (2.3MB)
Click Here (2.3MB)
(zipped version)
Run the installer and install to the Archive Creator folder.

Kodak RAW support files (only needed if you use Kodak RAW files)
Click Here (3.1MB)
Unzip the files and copy to the to the Archive Creator folder