Unsolicited Testimonials...

Dear Peter and Michael,

This is truly the greatest utility I have seen from RWF.com! As far today's digital world goes, you've changed my life and that of my clients as well.

Now that release of images is a daily practice...the ability to give the end-user client a cd or dvd on the fly minutes after shooting (of course I shoot RAW, correct and convert...then burn to cd) with the Archive Creators' interface is simply amazing. I no longer feel bad about not including contact sheets and I no longer get complaints from the client that they don't know what is on the disk.

Lastly, while recently backing up a 100 GB folder, the simplicity of your program to catalog everything is just GREAT!!!

I congratulate you both on a job well done.

Jack Hartzman, www.mhconcepts.com, 14 May 2023

"As a wedding photographer I use a Canon D60 and shoot most everything in RAW mode. With the digital camera my assistant and I find our typical shot count is well over 500 images and a couple of times we've gotten close to 800.

Between the large RAW files and then the post wedding Photoshop work my backups span multiple CD's. It's been an annoying and time consuming guessing game trying to find to try any particular file from a wedding in the backup set. With its index feature and the fact that it reads Canon RAW files in their native format, Archive Creator enables me to skip the CD shuffle and get on with my work. Worth the cost just for that.

Maybe more important, having had a CD or two come up "unreadable", the bit by bit verification feature in Archive Creator gives me a lot of peace of mind. This is a great product!"

"Just want to congratulate you and your colleague on creating such a great piece of software. Every once in awhile something comes along that I really needed without knowing it. Archive Creator makes my life easier -- now I don't put off archiving and copying disks until I have far too much work backed up! "

"Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. A long-dreaded task is now DONE! I'm quite thrilled.....This program is so USEFUL! I'm sure I will use my digital camera more now since I will not dread archiving the resulting files."

"Well, it's about 11AM and I just noticed my headache's gone! I had this dull throbbing pain everytime I thought about the 9342 images I had allowed to accumulate on my 40 gig drive and hadn't backed them up yet.

No more. Archive Creator did exactly what I needed to do in a much better way than I could have ever done. I love this program! It is perfectly simple, fast, and it WORKS! Thanks so much for writing it. You did a fantastic job. Best $35 I spent this month (and it's Christmas!)."

"I just downloaded and purchased your Archive Creator software. Let me just say a quick word of thank you and congratulations on a most wonderful program. It is one of the most elegant and intuitive programs that I have ever worked with. Simplicity itself! If I sound like I'm gushing praise it is because I was thrilled at the rapid, seamless way the program took a folder of pictures on my desktop (2.6 Gig) and organized it into four CDs and burnt them and verified them without any more intervention from me than to plop a new disk into the drive when it asked for one. Fantastic! Thanks again and I'm looking forward to the DVD version when you get around to it!"

"Downloaded the trial yesterday, played with it for a while, bought it last night. Fantastic program- what I really needed but didn't realize until I saw it! Great price too."

"I tried the software, it is really great. Will become a part of my workflow."

"Just wanted to add my voice to the others here who think this is great stuff. I seldom buy the demos I try because they are quirky, run poorly, etc. So I was skeptical of this program (CD burning programs can give my home made system fits.) But it ran without a hitch -- and I don't even have a "burn-proof" drive. I bought a key immediately and for what it does, AC is a bargain."

"Just downloaded and tested my drive (along with the software) and am quite pleased with it. It is a very intuitive, well thought out software! I like the part where is opens the drive door after burning, tells me its going to close it in 4 seconds to verify, and it does it! I have been burning backups for several years and dread the experience. I usually wait several months ( I have duplicate data on another mirrored drive) before dragging out the CDs and spending several hours burning them. It looks like your software does it all for me and quickly!

I highly recommend this software to all. I'm sounding too much like a commercial so I'll shut up, but thank you for this software, you've made my day. (Well, I got my D60 today also!) Just got my registration code in my E-mail."

"I just burned 11 CD's, about 4000 images and the index was 46mb. I tried changing the size of the thumbnails and preview image along with the quality and it did not add a 12th CD. I added drop shadow and still did not change. Very nice software - worked like a charm. Lots of features pop out as you use it like not allowing folders to span CDs. Lots of control."

"This programme is going to be one of those products that kicks digital photography a winning goal in the history books. It will personally make me want to deal with my files ASAP, instead of putting it into the "to do" basket."

"Thought you would like to know that I just finished a 10 CD Archive with 1600+ files from two HD's with no problems at all. And this on a machine that has had some strange quirks!"
..Allen Brooks..contact him here

"Most Innovative Product of the Year - IMO

Yesterday, while browsing one of the forums (DPReview), I saw mention of a program called Archive Creator. I casually went to the website...read the overview and then read the FAQ's and forum banter. I said to myself, "Self, all I need is another thumbnailing, backing up, photo viewing program". But, since I don't routinely backup or archive my photos (even with thumbsplus), I thought I would at least download "ANOTHER" program to try out...with little expectations.

After I downloaded I took care of some other important work (I fell asleep at the computer...way too many hours lately). But when I finally finished my nap, I installed the program. The install went flawlessly, and picked several folders with several hundred files in them and proceeded to make my archive disk. Talk about a simple and easy routine to do, this was it so far. I was hoping the entire process would be so simple...it was!

Once the archive was written, it verifies the CDR and then the archive is complete.

Once you pop it into the CD Drive, it automatically mounts (an autorun is written to the disk in addition to the photo and html files). The program opens up using Internet Explorer and has a directory tree of your folders, click on the folder and you see thumbnails of all your images. Click on an image and you get an enlarged version of the image...below the enlarged image, you can view the original file in its unaltered state.

When I completed the archive (about 10 minutes or less for my small test), I immediately went back to pictureflow.com and purchased Archive Creator. This is version 1.0 PRE-RELEASE, and I am told by the programmer that more functionality and features are forthcoming, some of which may address the ability to distribute "proof" albums. [this functionality has been added in V3.0]

And did I mention, I am not on the payroll or in anyway affiliated with AC! Give it a try...you may just find a very useful utility to add to your repertoire."

Wally Jarratt, Co-Moderator, http://groups.yahoo.com/group/DigitalPhotographers/

"Your Archive Creator works great. I just got through archiving 10 cd's and what a time saver!!!!! I don't have any complaints....not yet anyway. Just wanted to let you know how greatful I am with the Archive Creator."