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The following statements are made with the realistic knowledge that there may be the occasional drive/system combination that Archive Creator will not support. Archive Creator, like all programs that burn to CD and DVD, are dependant on the hardware and operating system that is installed in the system. With hundreds of CD/DVD drives available, thousands of computers models, the various versions of Windows, along with the variations of software installed in any given system, the permutations are literally in the billions. Therefore, there can be no assurance that Archive Creator, or any program of its type, will work properly with any specific CD/DVD drive and computer system combination (although the likelihood is very high).

For this reason we offer the ability to try Archive Creator before you purchase a license key. You can download the current version and it will run in demo (evaluation) mode. In demo mode, the program operates exactly like a registered version except that only the first disk of an Archive Set can be burned, and after 15 days new Index thumbnails and viewing images will be watermarked. (The source files are of course not affected). Based on the ability to evaluate the Archive Creator before you purchase, the license key is sold on a no-refund basis (Click here for more information).

We suggest you run the demo version of Archive Creator and create a few Archive Sets and burn the first disk of each. If you plan to archive to 700MB disks, perform your test burns with this setting (although we recommend burning 650MB disks for archival purposes). By doing these tests, you can be confident that Archive Creator will work properly within your system. We support almost all recent drives, but there are always exceptions based on the variables mentioned above.

Also, we encourage you to use a CD-R drive that supports Burn-Proof (trademark of Sanyo) or other linking technology that allows a CD to continue burning even if the computer cannot keep up with the data flow needs of the drive. (All DVD drvies use this technology). These technologies are designed to eliminate data under-run errors under most circumstances. If you choose to use a drive without this linking technology, you will have to burn at lower speeds, use the disk cache option, and possibly be subject to underrun errors. In many cases a non-protected drive will work fine, but you should verify this using the demo version.We're confident that after evaluating Archive Creator, you will agree that it can save you a lot of time and grief and make your precious images more secure, with an ease of operation that has not been possible before. Some of our testers even called it fun!We hope you understand that we are disclosing all of the above information so that we may conduct our business in an open and honest environment. We value you business and hope to meet and exceed your expectations.

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