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OS Support: Windows 2000/XP or Mac OS X 10.2.8+
RAW File Support:
Canon: 10D - 300D - D60 - D30
Nikon: D70 - D100
Pentax: *istD
Olympus: E1 - E10 - E20 (Mac only, Windows ~Mid Aug)
V3.5.2 Windows

V3.5.2 Mac
Price: $99
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Free 15 Day Trial

Free 15 Day Trial

Product Key $99

Product Key $99

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Comparison Chart of LE - PRO Capture One Raw Workflow Software

Data Sheet Capture One LE

View Full Size ImageCapture One Raw Workflow Software sets the standard as the most integrated RAW conversion software available. Not just a RAW converter, Capture One represents an entire workflow centered around the use of RAW Digital SLR image files in a professional or advanced environment. With the highest conversion quality available today, and a workflow that has been universally praised, Capture One Raw Workflow Software clearly sets the standard for RAW conversion.

Get More From RAW™ with Capture One

Feature summary of Capture One LE...

Highest conversion quality available today in terms of color fidelity and image "information"
Real-time preview of all parameter changes
All parameter changes are stored for use later sessions
Parameter settings can be instantly "applied" to any or all image files
Fully color managed
RAW conversions are done in the background allowing the full functionality of C1 to continue while conversions are taking place
Camera profiles are provided (third camera party profiles may also be used)
Comprehensive file management provisions
Thumbnails always reflect the conversion settings currently set for each image file
Dual preview view for comparing similar image files
Comprehensive Levels and Curves adjustments
Exposure Compensation (+/- 2.5EV), Contrast, and Saturation Adjustments
Noise Reduction and sharpening algorithms
Multiple Tone Response curves
100% display in focus window (shown in above example)
Midtone adjustment slider
Saturation adjustment slider
Image Tagging
Conversion Settings Archive and Restore
Additional Keyboard Shortcuts
Additional Zoom functionality
Enhanced Noise Reduction Algorithms
Full Page Thumbnail Browser
Display of Capture Collection Totals
Automatic preview cache management options
Integrated Help File
New Free Trial period even if previous trial has expired
Summary: Superior quality and workflow tools = best results for least time