You can't manage your color if you don't understand it.

CHROMiX ColorThink(tm) is the color management toolset that helps you understand your color better than ever before. The ColorThink toolset is an application composed of nine modules that are proven to keep your brain on color.

Color Data
Profile Manager - Like the Extension Manager except it works with ICC profiles installed in the System Folder. Enable or disable profiles individually or in sets, view them by internal or external names, and even disable all extraneous profiles in one step.

Profile Inspector - Opens profiles in a unique graphical profile viewer. A patent-pending viewer shows the primary colors of profiles as well as summarizes profiles' white and black points, table sizes and other settings while performing a comprehensive 12-point integrity check. Header and extended tags are browsable and any errors or warnings are neatly summarized and can be fixed with the Profile Doctor. Profile parameters such as rendering intent, preferred CMM and others can be quickly edited.

Profile Medic - the Profile Medic performs 16 comprehensive tests on profiles and the system to ensure problems are discovered and fixed. Common problems like the OS not recognizing profiles, profile naming confusion, color corruption and even crashing can be discovered and fixed using the Profile Medic.

Color Vectors
Image Inspector - The Image inspector opens multiple image formats, displaying the embedded profile and allowing it to be copied out to the Finder, opened with the Profile Inspector or installed directly into the System folder. Embedded profiles can be removed or new profiles embedded into the image. Images' colors can also be summarized into lists for graphing in 2D and 3D.

Graphing (2D and 3D) - ColorThink has comprehensive graphing of profiles and color lists in two and three dimensions. 2D graphs can be used to quickly compare device gamuts, evaluate media white points, and graph color lists in Yxy, Luv or Lab coordinates. 3D graphing provides a more accurate view of device color gamuts and 3D gamut comparisons can uncover profile problems as well as show gamut differences for determining best working spaces, proofing systems, etc. A unique 3-D vector compare mode will plot the difference between two sets of colors as vector "arrows" in 3D. There is simply no better way to track color shifts or illustrate the differences between profile settings, rendering intents, and so forth.

Profile Linker - device link profiles can be created for use with RIPs and color servers quickly and easily. Just drag source and destination profiles into the linker and ColorThink will quickly build an ICC compliant device link profile.

Profile Renamer - Many users do not realize that ICC profiles have internal and external (file) names. Changing the file name will not change the name that shows in many application menus. Renamer allows quick renaming or synchronizing of the internal name, external name or both.

Color Lists - Open measurement files from most profiling applications. View them in list form with rendered colors. Apply profiles to the lists for testing and graphing.

ColorThink is available for download for demonstration or production use. With a serial number ColorThink is unlocked for full use of all modules. Without a serial number ColorThink will run for an unlimited time in a limited demonstration mode that allows full navigation of the modules but will restrict opening and graphing to the included demo (SWOP, sRGB) profiles.

3D Graph
2D Graph

ColorThink 2.1.x
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Windows 2.1.x (2000, XP)
Intel or compatible CPU 450MHz
1024x768 display, True Color
128 MB RAM (256 Recommended)

Carbon Version 2.1.x (Mac OS X)
Mac OS X 10.1 or later (10.2 recommended)