WhiBal RAW (G6)
WhiBal G5 (G5)

More than 10,000 photographers worldwide have discovered the fast and easy way to achieve truly accurate color by using WhiBal, the calibrated White Balance Reference card. Now in its 6th iteration, the new WhiBal RAW, is available at a new low price, with a host of additional features. And every card is still hand measured, using a precision spectrophotometer, assuring that your WhiBal is calibrated to pure neutral.

WhiBal Comparison Chart (G6 1 Card vs G5 3 Card)

WhiBal RAW Kit (G6)
WhiBal 3-Card
Kit (G5)
Calibrated/measured White Balance reference optimized for RAW Converters
G5 and G6 use same Light Gray Calibrated Reference. Each card is hand measured using a Gretag Macbeth SpectroEYE precision spectrophotometer ($4500)
Calibrated/measured White Balance reference Card dedicated for JPEG/TIFF
Dark Gray card allows levels or curves mid tone eyedropper in editing SW to set approximate White Balance
Best possible JPEG White Balance Reference using our FREE WhiBal White Balance Plug-In (by Power Retouche)
Using the Calibrated Light Gray Card, and Black and White patches our Photoshop hosted free Plug-In allows the best possible White Balance and auto-exposure from non-RAW files.
BlackPoint™ reference
Same TrueBlack™ Sticker technology on both G5 and G6
White Reference
Same reference and quality. White card on G5 and White Sticker on G6.
Both versions are water resistant and will float.
Color Through and through
G6: Gray card yes
G5: Both Grays and White
Sticker technology
Sticker is Vinyl based and UV protected and laminated for long stable life.
G6: Black and White
G5: Black
Fan out 3 card design
Screw sealed with HiBond Red LockTite™
Single card design
No screw or fan out required for use
Lanyard included
Yes, on pocket version.
Carry Case included
G5: Bubble Bag
G6: Sail Cloth Ultra-Lite case
Able to be used with Rivet and SLR WhiBal accessories
Yes (SLR = Spring Loaded Retractor)
Comes with table stand
GlareDector Technology Yes
Size reference Inch and Centimeter
Sharpness/Focus Target

WhiBal Raw (G6) Pricing

Note: Training Videos/PDF and PS Plug-in via download...CD sent upon request when available) 3-Card (G5) WhiBal RAW (G6)
Pocket Kit (2x3.5in) Includes: WhiBal, Lanyard, Case, Stand $39.95 US $29.95 US
Studio kit (3.5X6in) Includes: WhiBal, Stand (ALL-ETT Ultra-Thin case will be sent when available) $49.95 US $36.95 US
Combo Kit Includes both Pocket and Studio WhiBal Kits $79.95 US $54.95 US