Eye-One Ruler Upgrade Kit
with soft carrying case(42.15.84)
Photo shown with i1 Pro and accessories, not included
Works with ANY Eye-One Printing Profile Solution
A Must Have Upgrade
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New Accelerated Rev B Eye-One Pro Spectrophotometer Now Bundled with Enhanced Ruler System and Carry Bag

GretagMacbeth, the worldwide technological leader in color measurement and management solutions, is bundling its award winning accelerated Eye-One Pro color management solutions with a new enhanced ruler system and carrying bag. The new ruler and backup board provides the highest level of customer usability and ensures GretagMacbeth’s Eye-One solutions are the fastest, smartest, and easiest to use color management solutions available for creative and photographic professionals.

The newest enhancements to the Eye-One color management solutions include:

NEW Ruler glides easily over test chart, with no contact of Eye-One device on the chart – avoiding any possible smearing or scratching. The ruler is usable as a standalone component or together with the new backup board.

NEW Backup board provides an easy one-hand operation with a target clamp that holds substrates up to 3mm thick. Backup board contains a white surface and folds for easy portability.

NEW Soft case accommodates all Eye-One parts including new ruler and new backup board as well as all accessories like Beamer Holder.

NEW Enhanced Ruler System and Carry Bag

All accelerated Eye-One Pro solutions will include an enhanced ruler system comprised of a detachable ruler and foldable backup board. Now reading patches with the new accelerated Eye-One Pro, together with the new ruler system, is a fluid and effortless one-hand scanning operation, with no pauses required at the end of each row. The Eye-One Pro achieves greater, error-free patch recognition, resulting in less rereading of patches or rows. Together with the Eye-One Match software, the accelerated Eye-One Pro lets users click, swipe and read color targets almost instantaneously.

All accelerated Eye-One Pro solutions will also be bundled with a soft-sided carry bag that holds the Eye-One Pro device and its accessories. Now users can easily transport their Eye-One, in a convenient bag, with confidence that all components are well protected.

Eye-One Pro solutions with new ruler, backup board and carry case are scheduled to ship November 2005 on a worldwide basis.