With Eye-One XT you can handle just about any color management issue or problem that comes your way. You can measure and control color on digital cameras, scanners, displays and printers of all types—even projectors—with the complete Eye-One Beamer kit included.

Eye-One XT calibrates and profiles:
Monitors – LCD, CRT and Laptops
RGB Output
CMYK Output
Digital Projectors
Digital Cameras** (DigiCam software only, available now)

Eye-One XT provides the ability to:

Edit Profiles
Capture Flash and Ambient Light
Measure Spot Colors

Eye-One XT provides high value services:

iCare – extended warranty to 3 years
Express replacement service for any repairs
One day classroom training at one of our facilities

Eye-One XT provides all the tools necessary to implement a color managed workflow. It includes the industry defacto standard Eye-One Pro device and award-winning Eye-One Match software. And with the powerful Eye-One Share software that is also included, you can take full advantage of your Eye-One system.

If you want the flexibility to handle any color situation, any time, then Eye-One XT is for you. Maximize the value of your Eye-One investment.

Eye-One XT includes:

New Accelerated Eye-One Pro Spectrophotometer
Eye-One Match software
   - Monitor
   - RGB (small test chart and advanced)
   - CMYK* (small test chart and advanced)
   - Digital Projector (software and holder)
   - Scanner
   - Digital Camera Module** (details below)
   - Profile Editor** (details below)
Eye-One Share Software
Digital ColorChecker SG
Mini ColorChecker
Scanner profiling chart
Measurement accessories
Enhanced Ruler System and Carry Bag
1 Day Classroom Training at GIA/GMB training centers
Eye-One iCare Extended Warranty and Service

*RGB and CMYK profiling takes advantage of our new "small test chart" technology where you can quickly and easily create a perceptual color profile by reading just a few rows of color swatches from a given output device. Within the Eye-One Match application, you simply print the small test chart named RGB Easy or CMYK Easy and then scan it in using your Eye-One.

**Customers purchasing Eye-One Photo from December 15, 2023 can download a free upgrade to the new Eye-One Match Digital Camera and Profile Editor modules when they are available. Customers that register their device will receive automatic notification of availability.


Shipping December 2005

A new level of automation for fast, accurate test chart reading! More than ever before, Eye-One delivers a complete solution for all color measurement and color management needs. The new Eye-One iO provides a new level of automation for fast, automated test chart reading, adding even more versatility to the award-winning Eye-One system.

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