ColorEdge monitors are designed to meet the demands of professionals in graphic arts, printing, digital photography, and other fields requiring uncompromising color accuracy. With 10-bit hardware calibration and a wide color gamut, you can enjoy the benefits of soft proofing and on-screen color checking for a more efficient workflow.
ColorEdge CG220
56.4 cm (22.2 inch) Class Color LCD Monitor
ColorEdge CG210
54 cm (21.3 inch) Class Color LCD Monitor
ColorEdge CG19
48 cm (19 inch) Class Color LCD Monitor
With an expanded color space that supports Adobe RGB, the CG220 presents a long-awaited breakthrough in digital proofing. Photographers, designers, and printers can now conduct all color checks on screen before printing. Top-of-the-line large screen LCD monitor for graphics and printing professionals with a 21.3" screen, hardware calibration, and accurate color rendition.
The CG210 includes hardware support for portrait mode.
For professionals in graphic arts and printing, the CG19 offers hardware calibration, accurate color rendition, and an ergonomic, thin bezel design for a practical alternative to CRT monitors.

• 1920 × 1200 native resolution
• 400:1 contrast ratio
• 200 cd/m2 brightness
• 170° viewing angles
• Digital/analog inputs

• 1600 x 1200 native resolution
• 400:1 contrast ratio
• 250 cd/m2 brightness
• 170° viewing angles
• Digital/analog inputs
• 1280 x 1024 native resolution
• 450:1 contrast ratio
• 280 cd/m2 brightness
• 170° viewing angles
• Digital/analog inputs

14-Bit Processing

The ColorEdge CG220 and CG210 incorporate a powerful new EIZO-developed ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) with 14-bit color processing capability (16 times more accurate than 10-bit).

ColorNavigator Calibration Software

This EIZO-developed software comes bundled with ColorEdge models and offers hardware calibration when used in conjunction with the ColorEdge CX1 calibrator or a GretagMacbeth Eye-One color measurement device.

Ergonomic Cabinet Design

A thin bezel design of on the four sides saves desktop space and minimizes space between screens in a multi-panel setup. 40° tilt, 70° swivel, and 82 mm height adjustment offer a wide range of positional adjustments for viewing comfort.

Factory Adjustment of Gamma

To ensure that each ColorEdge monitor produces the most accurate and consistent color gradations possible, EIZO carefully measures and sets every shade of R, G, and B from 0 - 255 on the production line with the monitor's 10-bit Look-Up Table (LUT), to produce a monitor gamma value of 2.2. Should the user prefer a different value, the LUT can be used to calculate for values ranging from 1.8 (the standard for the printing industry) up to 2.6.

3-Mode Fine Contrast

Fine Contrast lets you "fine-tune" the image for the type of application being used. It includes three modes: sRGB, Custom (user-defined settings), and CAL (for ColorNavigator calibration software) which can be selected via a handy button on the front bezel.

Brightness Stabilization Function

Ensures stable brightness - necessary for the proper display of color - with EIZO patented technology*. A drift correction sensor quickly stabilizes the brightness level after startup or coming out of power saving mode. Furthermore, the monitor detects and automatically compensates for brightness changes caused by surrounding temperatures and the passage of time.

*Japan Patent Numbers 3171808 and 3193315; US Patent Number 6188380.

Product Information Display

The product name, serial number, and total usage time can all be confirmed in the on-screen display menu.

Free Mount Capability

Panel can be removed from its stand and can be mounted on VESA-compliant arms or stands.

Macintosh ADC Support

Supports the Macintosh ADC (Apple Display Connector) port with an ADC-DVI converter (sold separately).

SWOP Certification

The ColorEdge CG210 is part of the SWOP-certified Remote Director - a monitor-based proofing system from Integrated Color Solutions, Inc. SWOP certification means graphics professionals can use this system in place of hardcopy proofs and perform all color checks on-screen.

Regulatory Standards

Complies with current international standards concerning safety, ergonomics, and power management as well as "EIZO Eco Products 2004," an in-house label covering such environmental issues as manufacture with lead-free solder and chrome-free steel plates.


Monitor Hood CH1-A
Color Calibrator GretagMacbeth Eye-One Products
ColorEdge CX1 *
Dual Height Adjustable Stand LS-HM1-D
Flexible Arm LA-131-D
Wall Mount Arm LA-030-W
Panel Protector FP-901
Client Management Software Screen Administrator

* The ColorEdge CX1 calibrator is not available in North America.