ETC Generic 20D and 1DsMKII Camera profiles for Capture One V3.6 are available now!

Etcetera Consulting (Norway) is the premier maker of ICC/ICM compliant 3rd party camera profiles for the C1 RAW workflow. Led by owner Magne Nilsen, Etcetera (ETC) Consulting has provided C1 RAW software users a great alternative to the Phase One created profiles that are included with the C1 RAW software packages. While some users prefer one over the other, it is like having 2 different types of film. The camera profile determines the "look" that the finished picture will have in terms of color rendition, much like choosing a different film will. So it is generally accepted that you might want to have more than 1 camera profile to use for different pictures, just like one might choose to shoot on a different film stock for different shooting assignments. The big advantage in the digital world, is that the "film" (camera profile) can be chosen after the picture is captured. The color difference can be compared at leisure, and the preferred one chosen for each specific picture. Isn't technology wonderful.

Generic Camera Profiles for Capture One Raw Workflow Software...$29.99

A Generic camera profile is a profile that has been designed to work with any instance of a specific camera model. Meaning that a Canon 10D generic profile is designed to be used with ANY Canon 10D camera. While there is some variation between each camera instance (serial number), they are quite close in their response to color. There is variation, but within the ETC development process, several camera bodies are used, and this tends to average out the variations from camera to camera. Also testing with real world images from dozens of different cameras allows the process to check for any specific problems over a wide range of cameras. There is a discussion of generic vs Custom camera profile below.

We will post comparison images with different profiles within the next week or so, but to be honest, for the cost of the ETC generic profile ($29.99) compared to the cost of the camera and lenses is so small, that it makes sense to have a different film (profiles) to experiment with. Even if you prefer the provided Phase One profiles over the ETC, there will no doubt be some images that will please you more with the ETC profile. Or the reverse could be true. We feel that the ETC profile is a true bargain that no digital Capture One user should be without. Whether it becomes you defaul profile or becomes you tough image profile, in either case the profile provides great value. Both CORAW and ETC are known for their expertise, and having both just adds to the possibilites for your work.

Available Profiles:
1Ds/1DsMkII - 1D/1DMkII - 20D - 300D/350D/Rebel/XT - 10D - D60 - D30

D70 - D100 - D1x

Profiles planned for possible release (planned not promised)
Canon 5D - 1DMkII N
Nikon 2Dh - 2Dx - D70
Olympus E-1

Delivery is via email that contains download link, normally within 8 hours after receiving a payment confirmation.

You may order profiles for several cameras by adding each to the cart before processing the order.

Etcetera generic profile for Capture One Raw Conversion software

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