New 3-Card WhiBals (Generation 5) now shipping!
Same great performance but lighter, easier to carry, and with included table stand!

New Generation 5 WhiBal Pocket shown on new included stand.

Whibal™ Pocket Side view mounted on included stand.

WHiBal Pocket mounted on included stand shown from rear.

Whibal™ Pocket mounted on stand, shown with quick disconnect Lanyard (included with WhiBal Pocket)

Whibal™ Studio mounted on included stand.

Whibal™ Combo (Pocket and Studio) mounted on stands and shown with included Pocket Lanyard.

WhiBal Combo shown with included accessories (included heavy duty storage bags (2) not shown)

Below you can see the spectral graphs of each of the WhiBal™ cards, as well as the absolute Lab values. WhiBal™ meets or exceeds the specifications almost all WB references that exist. And none of them have the convenience, durarability and combination of features of the WhiBal™, the new standard in White Balance Reference for digital cameras. The flatness of the graphs indicate that each WhiBal™ card is completely neutral regardless of the color of the light source. And the lab values of the 2 gray cards are <1 in both the *a and *b lab channels, assuraning the total neutrality required for proper setting of White Balance.

WhiBal White
WhiBal Light Gray
WhiBal Dark Gray
WhiBal BlackPoint Sticker

L* <6.5

a* and b* typical -.5 to +.5

Measurements Taken with Gretag Macbeth Eye-One
Spectrophotometer Serial # 0109852